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Inkscape is a powerful platform that allows its users to create graphics with the features available on the software. It is open-source for everyone who needs to use vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac, or GNU/Linux. It is one of the few oldest software that is made free for users by giving them an efficient and professional-grade outlook. People who know about Inkscape often consider it to be the most robust among others like Adobe Illustrator. However, it does not costs anything like the other graphic designing software do that is available. That’s the reason for it to become so popular among the professionals using it every now and then.    

The quality features of Inkscape are widely in use for artistic as well as technical purposes. It offers helps in illustrations like – clip art, typography, cartoons, flowcharts, etc. Among the various features of Inkscape, it renders sharp printouts using vector graphics and unlimited resolution that are not bound by a fixed range of pixels. The main format on which Inkscape works is the SVG file format that includes web browsers among the other applications. The various file formats that Inkscape can import and export include – PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, PNG, and EPS.

The users of Inkscape may also customize the functionality with add-ons. It has a comprehensive set of features, multi-lingual support, a simple interface, and also flexible in design. The international user community of Inkscape is continuously growing with the aspiring motive. The Inkscape project provides for the various learning materials that will help in getting started and creating your own ways.   

When did Inkscape come into use?

The origin of Inkscape began in 2003 as a code fork under the Sodipodi project. The formation of Sodipodi itself backed to 1999 when it was based on the Raph Levien’s Gill (an application of the GNOME illustration). The main functioning of the Inkscape project was the usability and consistency of the interface.   

In 2005, Inkscape took part in the Google Summer of Code program. By the end of November 2007, the host of Inkscape’s source code repository was SourceForge. After that, it moved to Launchpad, and in June 2017, it was at the GitLab. The Inkscape project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy in the United States. It is a non-profit organization and the contributions that are made by the community and tax-deductible in the US.  

How to use Inkscape?

The purpose of using Inkscape for the users is to do anything that a graphic designer is capable of doing. It helps you to create – logos, business cards, flyers, websites, badges, and other such things. The more pronounced use of the project would be to create ultra-realistic drawings as well. People even search for “Inkscape download” as it a reliable source for people starting to learn graphic designing. It won’t be wrong to say that Inkscape is a powerful and complex platform as it allows you to learn new things even if you have used it thoroughly.

Before you start using Inkscape, make sure that you download it first, as it does not cost anything. If you are a Mac user, you may need to search for “Inkscape for Mac.” The current version for Mac users is 10.11. But if you are a macOS 10.7 – 10.10, then you’ll be needing the older version of Inkscape, which is 0.92.

Inkscape is exclusively useful for beginners as well as for advanced designers. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to know the basic principles of using vector graphics software. There are several tools that you may find to create or draw, like – ellipses tool, pencil tool, transform tool, etc. It is an easier way of complex learning objects of the vector graphics and the things that you need for the design. There are various tutorials that may help you in acquiring the right knowledge of using Inkscape. Also, Inkscape will provide you with magnificent illustrations that are helpful in being a professional and realistic designer. 

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