how to stream on discord

How to stream on discord

Discord is a sophisticated communication platform where users can connect with each other through video, text and voice. Of all VoIP app, discord offers a large number of features for its users. The program comes with a “Go Live” feature that enables users to stream their gameplay with other users. Users can stream their gameplay Live to 10 people. However, to ease people locked inside their home due to coronavirus outbreak, CEO Jason Citron has temporarily increased the viewer limit up to 50.

Now, let’s come to the point and take to the process about How to stream on discord.

First thing first, you can only stream if you are using the Windows desktop client. You can either start the application in windows or install a chrome browser client for streaming. You have two choices- either go for a new server or start on a server where you already know the users.

Once you open the discord application in your system, you have to enter into the server of your choice and open the game you like to stream.

Discord will automatically recognize the game and allow you to stream it. The “go live” button will arrive at the bottom left next to your username.

In case, discord failed to recognize the game, you may have to change the game or enter the game manually (steps mentioned below). The option for changing the game is available in the Live Menu. Click on it and select “change”. Then select the voice channel you like to stream and click on the “Go live” option once again.

How to know your stream is live?

If you can see a small preview window inside the discord window, then it means your stream is running fine. To access settings, you can hover to the cog icon and click on it. The settings option allows you to change your steaming’s frame rate and resolution.

If you are a regular user, you can stream your game in 720p with up to 30 fps. However, with a Nitro subscription, you can enhance your streaming quality to more than 1080p with 60 fps. Discord Nitro is a paid service, which will cost you $9.99 per month.

How to add a game in Go-Live manually?

In case your game is undetectable by discord, you can manually add the game. For that, you have to visit the settings menu by clicking the cog icon in the bottom left in the screen. There you will find the “game activity” tab. Click on it and it will display a screen with information like “no game detected”. Below the information, you will find a “add it” option.

After adding the game, you have to go back to your server and click the “Go Live” button.

Sharing screen on discord

At discord, you can share your entire screen with users, which includes streaming non-gaming apps as well. Simply join any voice channel and click the “go live” button as usual.

There you will have to option to select an application or screen. Once you decide whether to share an application or an entire screen, you can press the “Go Live” button.

Now that you have a clear idea about how to stream on discord, let’s discuss how to watch a discord stream.

If you like to watch the live stream of other users, then it’s easy to join them in discord. A red “Live” icon will appear next to the name of users who are streaming during the moment. To watch them, you have to hover your mouse on their name and join the stream by clicking on it.

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