How to Report someone on Discord

Discord has been quite popular amongst the gaming as well as several other communities in recent decades. Thanks to this freeware, which lets gamers interact with themselves in real-time without even having to stop their game in mid. However, there may be some gamers or channels that may send you illicit messages or may even ask you to invest money with them. And the best solution for these cases is to either block or report such individuals direct to Discord so that that necessary disciplinary actions can be taken against them. In this article, we will be telling you how to report someone on Discord, so be sure to stay with us until the end.

Tips on Reporting Someone on Discord

On Desktop Version

  • First, you will need to find the ID codes of the messages that are in question. For this, you will have to go to ‘Developer Mode.’ This can be done by clicking on the gear icon, which can be found on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Select on the ‘Appearance’ tab and scroll down until you find the ‘Advanced’ option. Click on it and turn on the ‘Developer Mode.’
  • Afterward, you will need to go to the user’s messages and right-click on their user’s name. Select ‘Copy ID’ and paste the number somewhere for further usage. This will ensure that the ID can be found even if the user changes their username.
  • Again you have to right-click on the message and copy the ID number of the message and the channel.
  • Then, you need to go to the left side of the screen and look for the server icon. Once found, you should copy it and keep it in storage for the future.
  • Lastly, go to the ‘Report’ section and send your report bearing the three copied ID numbers while giving your email address and selecting the report type. You can also attach screenshots of the messages for a better result.

On iOS or Android

Reporting on iOS or the Android version is comparatively more comfortable than the desktop version. In this case, you don’t need to go into the developer mode neither select or paste ID numbers for reporting to Discord. You can hold on the disputed message until a pop-up comes. In the pop-up, choose the ‘Report’ option, and it will automatically send your report to Discord. However, if you think this is not helping much, you can also drop an email to You will also need to provide full details explaining your situation.

Things to Know Before Reporting someone

Reports must only be done when the user or the channel violates the Discord App’s fundamental rules. Some of them include:

  • Harassment
  • Violating IP Rights
  • Spam Messages
  • Sharing or Indulging in Child Pornography
  • Promoting Suicide or Self-Harm
  • Transferring Viruses
  • Sharing images of Animal Cruelty
  • Threatening other Players

However, if the messages don’t fall under these categories, you may also choose to block or mute the person or server responsible for the messages. This article on how to report someone on Discord can undoubtedly come in handy, so be careful to use it whenever time demands.

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