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Best Gmail App for Windows

Are you tired of opening your checking your email by following the same old mundane process? What if we say, you can check your mails from Gmail, through a simple click.

1. Mailbird

If you are looking for a premium Gmail app for windows, then we highly recommend you to try mailbird. The application lets you access all email accounts like Gmail, outlook, yahoo, Yandex,etc under a single platform. Meaning, you don’t have to juggle between apps or remember multiple passwords. Once you open your email in this app, you can don’t have to retype the password again. You need a single password and user id to access all your emails under one unified space.

Highly secure:

We understand the risk of storing all email ids in one platform, but the app is highly secure than Gmail as well. To access Mailbird, you have to pass through a two-factor authentication process, whereas in Gmail, you only have one.

Cool layouts:

The app comes with a wide range of free color themes, allowing you to transform your email window into a piece of art.

One-click integration:

Not just email, but the app also allows you to access other popular websites like Facebook, Google calendar, Asana, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.

Clutter-free mailbox:

Have you ever wasted your time searching a particular mail within the sea of unorganized emails? Then you in dire need of the Snooze feature of Mailbox. The feature allows you to snooze messages for later by storing them in a particular directory. You can set an alarm to check those snoozed emails at a different time.

Some other noticeable features of the mail client include speed reader, custom sounds, LinkedIn integration, dark theme, attachment search, and multi-language support.

2. EasyMail for Gmail

As the name suggests, EasyMail for Gmail is a standalone app for accessing Gmail. The app allows you to access multiple Gmail accounts along with managing notes and calendars. You can switch your accounts in one click and do not ever have to open multiple mail tabs on your browser.

Some unique features:

Unread mail notification

Never miss a mail with this app, as you will constantly get notifications on your lock screen and taskbar

Incoming mail notification

A toast notification will pop up every time you receive a mail.

Live preview

If you are in the middle of critical work and receive a mail, what would do?

Will you check it out later? What if it’s an important mail.

Will you check it out instantly? It may be a promotional mail and checking it could make you lose time & focus.

Enters Live-tile- a unique feature that gives you a preview of your mail, helping you decide whether to open it or store it for later.

In short, this Gmail app for windows is a web version of Gmail wrapped under an app. However, the windows 10 integration and calendar features, give this app a native touch.

3. Opera Mail

If you are looking for a stellar Gmail app for windows 10 minus the premium fee, then Opera mail is your answer. Opera mail support multiple email accounts as well as POP, IMAP, Atom, and RSS feeds. You can also save all your dates separately in an indexed database, allowing you to filter your mail with ease. If you want to highlight your priority targets, then you can add custom tags to mails/contacts.

Some negative aspects of the app:

The web interface of the app is outdated, which might hinder your user experience as a whole. Besides, the app cannot import data from other email clients, which defeats the whole purpose of using an email client in the first place.

Final Verdict:

If you are a business owner, looking for a safe, secure, and feature-rich Gmail app for windows, then you can go for Mailbird.

The EasyMail for Gmail, on the other hand, is free of cost (with ads). To remove the ads you have to pay a price of $4.99.

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