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Take The Fun And Thrill A Notch Higher With This Guide About The Dragon Ball Characters 

Dragon Ball has always been a fan-favorite among the people for a very long time. The show which is created by Akira Toriyama features a cast which is a gathering of multiple characters, making it all the more fun to watch. The show has garnered a wide variety of fan following and has become a cult series among people who are lovers of action. An increasing number of people are excited to know about the recent developments in the show. Among all these, the dragon ball characters are one of the most beloved characters of all the animated series on television. The following article is a guide to explain to you in detail about the characters in the show. 


Goku is the central character of the show, and the entire play revolves around his action and adventures. The name son Goku also knows him. He is a fictional character on the show and is based on the classic Chinese novel which is named journey to the west. He shares a very similar origin story with that of superman. He thinks he belongs to earth but later learns that he is one among the extra-terrestrial warrior race that is known by the name Saiyans. Goku grows up to become one of the greatest warriors on the earth and prevents the citizens on earth from powerful and harmful external forces. 

Goku is a happy go lucky and cheerful lad, but his mood undergoes a sudden transformation when he is on the battlefield. He turns to be a severe and strategic-minded personality when he is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the earth. Goku is the protagonist and becomes a part of several episodes of the show. He goes on to become one of the most powerful beings on the earth and takes the title of super Saiyans when he defeats the powerful Frieza. 

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is the localized name of the character known as muten-Roshi or kame-sennin. He is the master of martial arts who is quite old but perverted. He resides on a small island and is the chief inventor of the primary technique of martial arts called Kamehameha. This character of the show might appear frail, but he is one of the most potent warriors who has also trained warriors like grandpa Gohan and ox-king, Krillin, Goku, and others. He is a wise and perceptive character who might appear to the lecherous. Master Roshi is bald, wears sunglasses, and beach clothes. He is often seen in the company of his sea turtle who can talk. 


Bulma is first introduced in the show as a teenager. Bulma is presented using a dragon radar which is used to detect the energy which is emitted by the dragon balls. Bulma can track Goku’s location using this device which is used by her. She wishes to have a boyfriend for her and during the run of the show, forms a relationship with Yamcha. Sometime later in the show, she gets in contact with Vegeta. Some of the noteworthy inventions by Bulma are a microband using which she can shrink herself. In addition to this, she also created a time machine through her trunk is brought back to the past. 


Yamcha is a character who is also known as zedaki. He is introduced in the show as a desert bandit and is seen in the company of puar who is trying to steal the dragon balls of Bulma and Goku. Yamcha is trained under master roshi because of which he has excellent fighting skills and can even perform Kamehameha. In addition to this, he also receives training under kami to strengthen himself for the Saiyan invasion. After his death, he is trained by king kai in his afterlife before he is brought back to life by the namekian dragon balls.


Krillin is the bald martial artist and is the best friend of Goku. He is initially a rival of Goku but soon becomes a friend of Goku. 

Thus, the show is one of the greatest shows in the history of entertainment. The characters of the show have carved a niche for themselves in all these years of the show, and with the help of this article, you must have received an insight into the series. 

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