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Is Avast Premium worth it?

Avast free antivirus comes with a comprehensive range of malware protection as well as an assorted collection of special features. Now, the question is if the free version is offering such exceptional cyber protection, then what is the need for purchasing the premium version. What more does the premium version provide?

So let’s discuss the premium features of Avast Internet Security Suite.

The malware detecting capabilities of Avast is as exceptional as any other brand of internet security software. Since the malware protection is already available in the free version, we will focus only on the premium features.

Phishing protection

Avast has two types of phishing protection- an independent web shield and a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The free version (that does not include the browser extension) generated a score of 81 in phishing detection. After adding the extension, the score went up by 97 per cent. The premium product includes an extra layer of phishing protection, which is much needed in the era of rampant phishing attacks.

Wi-fi Protection

The Wi-Fi Inspector feature of Avast Premium is a lifesaver for homes with multiple devices connected with a single Wi-Fi network. The feature crawls inside your network and lists all associated devices in one section and analyzes the network, flags vulnerability in security, and suggests ways to rectify them.

Password manager

Avast provides a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome where you can securely store and manage your login credentials. You can store multiple login details for the same site, meaning, if you have multiple Facebook account, then you can store those credentials without facing any technical difficulties. Moreover, it stores your credit card data in web forms, which is the strongest encryption method available to date.


The full security suite adds a two-way firewall component in your device. Apart from putting your network ports to stealth mode, the application safeguards your system from privacy abuse caused by notorious applications. The feature includes an auto-decide mode, which comprises of some rules created by Avast. Before you run a program, avast will ensure the program, comply with the auto-decide rules or it will block the network access for that program.

Ransomware Shield

It’s hard for malware to slip past the real-time protection, but that defense mechanism doesn’t work with ransomware or zero-exploits. Zero-day exploits are undiscoverable malware, which can infect your device, steal data, adversely affect your computer programs, etc. Avast Premium comes with an additional layer of ransomware protection through which you can protect your crucial folders, and safeguard them from hackers. By default, all your document folders, desktop, picture folders remain safe under the ransomware shield protection. You can also use this feature to protect your other files by adding them to the protection list.

Sensitive Data Shield

This additional feature is specially designed to safeguard critical data from data-stealing Trojans. It ensures, even if a Trojan or malware gets inside your system it won’t find any data to steal.

Data Shredder

Completely removing data from a system is close to impossible since they somehow stay within the data clusters of your hard drive. As a result, any forensic recovery software can easily recapture those data within minutes. Avast overwrites those clusters with random bits before deleting the data. The application allows you to accelerate the random overwrite passes up to 99, ensuring no amount of data recovery software can ever recover your data.

Webcam Protection

The webcam protection feature only allows known and trusted programs to use your webcam. Before you let anyone else access your webcam, the app will ask for your permission. If you select the ‘strict’ mode, then even known and trusted programs also have to ask for your permission before accessing your webcam.

Final Verdict:

Go for it. 

The subscription price for Avast Premium is $69.99 for one device and $89.99 for 10 devices, which is a fair deal in terms of price and features.

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