About Us


About DigitalBots

DigitalBots provides valid information and unbiased reviews about the latest tech, gadgets, apps, and other trending topics. Our team works 24*7 to explore, test, and explain the latest products, answers most asked questions, advice, provide buying guides, etc.

All our audiences are a big part of our DigitalBots family and we are more than happy to connect with our audiences in every possible way. Although we try our best to keep our audiences updated with the latest news and reviews, we also encourage our users to drop their suggestions, queries or any products they want for us to review.

Our testing process

Before we approach a product, we think of two things-

How beneficial is this for our readers? 

Is the product worth their time and money?

Rather than keeping our opinions and reviews one-sided, we try to be more comparative. If there is a better alternative, we are not reluctant to point that out too. We also compare the claim of the products’ owners and compare their claims with the reviews of various users. This is how we try to be more unbiased as possible.

The product we review is mostly decided by the latest market demands, top requests of our users, and the decision of our tech team.

We are here to simplify your buying decisions. If you are struggling with whether to buy or review a product, then our team is always there to help you. Our team consists of independent reviewers of tech, gadgets, software, and services, ranging from smartphones, laptops, accessories, audio, antivirus suites, and more.